The BT-100 test equipment is a portable equipment which can be used in testing all kinds of lead-acid storage battery's voltages rating at 6V and 12V, and the capacity status of the equipment. There are engraved clearly with the value marks and capacity marks of the being tested storage battery on the pointer display dial. The BT-100 test equipment are mainly composed of the direct-current meter, load resistance, switches, circuit, outer casing, connecting wires and pincers.

Technical Parameters:

Type : Analog
Power for BT-100; 125W

Electric current: 100A

Voltage range for the storage battery under testing:


Degree of Precision for meter: 2.0

Range: 0-16V

Size: 300 x 160 x 75 (unit: mm)

Weight: 1180 (Unit: gram)


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