TM4105 Techman

The highest TM4105 grounding resistance measurement 2000 Ω, and automatic deductions line resistance, resistance to zero, continuous measurement time setting, etc. (TM4105 A) "TECMEN-teck man" brand digital physical production versatility resistance tester,

TM4105 digital physical commonly used resistance tester ground resistance meter, and sealing frame with electrical safety inspection, lightning protection engineering considered indispensable instrument, military TM4105 electrical power applicable, post and telecommunications, railway, mine, oil, chemical industry, communication, weather, lightning protection facilities department, on the basis of the electric power industry is a widely used measurement devices.

The basic parameters

product model

TM4105 digital physical strength tester

Therounding gerilim

0 ~ 40 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz) plus or minus 1.0% + 4% RDG DGT

earthing resistance

20 0 ~ 19.99 Ω Ω Ω Ω RDG% plus or minus 2.0% plus or minus 0.1%

RDG 200 Ω Ω Ω 0 ~ 199.9 plus or minus 2.0% plus or minus 3 DGT

2000 RDG 0 ~ 1999 Ω Ω Ω plus or minus 2.0% plus or minus 3 DGT

measurement method

precision three-wire type test / simple peripheral type tests

the biggest screen in place 1999

special functions

LCD backlight lamp switch

square root

continuous measurement time setting

the largest set 15 minutes of continuous measurement

1.5 6 V battery power battery (not included)

TM4105 Techman

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