AS8908 Smart Sensor

Ozone is very unstable, and it can be decomposed into oxygen at normal temperature and pressure. Due to the large amount of heat released during decomposition, when its content is above 25%, it is easy to explode. However, it is difficult to reach 25% in real life. It is different in industry. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties. Except for gold and platinum, ozonized air has a corrosive effect on almost all metals. Aluminum, zinc, and lead will be oxidized strongly when they come into contact with ozone. Ozone also has a strong corrosive effect on non-metallic materials, even if it is used in other places, it is quite stable with PVC plastic filter plates.

Material ABS Plastic
Gas Type:Ozone Gas
Measuring Range:0~1ppm
Measuring Principle:Electrochemical principle, life for 2 years
Low / High Alarm / Alarm Setting:Yes
Alarm:Sound, shake,Light Alarm. Adjustable Alarm values,Alarm sound up to 80 db.
Operating temperature:-10~50? (except LEL is 0 ~40? )
Operating humidity:15%-95%RH (Standard)
Power:3.7V li-battery (Built-in)
Battery working runtime:18 hours. And 12 hours work with AS8930 sampling pump. (work in room temperature and no alarm conditions.)

AS8908 Smart Sensor

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