AZ7755 AZ Instruments


*Low cost portable meter checking indoor air quality 
*Big LCD displays CO2 ,temp. & humidity simultaneously 
*Designed with NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) waveguide technology CO2 sensor 
*Manual calibration is recommended 
*Warning carbon dioxide level programmable 
*Backlight function for working in dark place 
*Long time drift compensation 
*Audible alarm (~80db)threshold setting 
*Max ,min, average functions included 
*PC output every 2 seconds for on line analysis 
*Hold function freezes current readings 
*Display 8 hrs TWA value (time-weighted average) or 15 minutes STEL value (short-term exposure limit) 
*Housing design surrounds with rails to help air ventilation for quick and accurate response 
*Easy to calibrate at fresh air around 380-420ppm 
*Measuring range:0~9999 ppm, (2001~9999 ppm out of scale range) 
*Temperature:-10~60 C (14~140 F) 
*Relative Humidity:0.1%~99.9%RH 
*DP(Dew point temp.):-20.0~59.9 C 
*WB(Wet bulb temp.):-5.0~59.9 C 
*Resolution:1ppm , 0.1 C/ F, 0.1%RH 
*Accuracy:+50ppm+5% of reading(0~2000ppm) Other ranges are not specified 
*Temperature:+0.6 C/+0.9 F 
*Relative Humidity:+5%RH (at 25 C , others) 
*Response time 

AZ7755 AZ Instruments

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