Indoor humidity should not be too high or too low: the indoor temperature is too high, the body cooling would be difficult; The indoor temperature is too low, the air is dry, human respiratory tract would dry and hard.
Infant room temperature to 20 degrees Celsius, humidity should be maintained at 50%~60%.
Temperature and humidity not only have an impact on human health, the indoor temperature and humidity is too high, can make clothes moldy and the variety of food moldy.

Integrated Air Detector
1. Haze
2. Gas
3. Temperature
4. Humidity
Comprehensive Environmental Air Detector
How about the surrounding environment, it will tell you...
Formaldehyde exceeds the standard?
Security index high?
1. Accurate
2. Real-Time
3. Professional
4. Security

Brand: BSIDE 
Product Color: White + Blue
Model: EET100
Product size: 15 x 6 x 2.9cm
Product net weight: 0.12kg
Certification: CE
Eet100 100 integrated high sensitivity Dust sensor, VOC sensor and temperature & humidity sensors. That makes the possibility to measure PM2.5, VOC, temperature and humidity in one meter. It is multifunction, high accuracy, fast response. Easy to carry easy to use and etc. It is suitable for the air quality measurement of daily life, work and learning environment, provide the basis for air quality assessment. 

1. VOC sensor
2. Dust sensor air hole
3. USB port for charging
4. LCD screen
5. Function button
6. Alarm enable button
7. Power On/Off button
8. Panel
9. Buzzer
10. Temperature / Humidity sensor
11. Battery cover

Screen Size

1.65 inch

Powered By

(3.7V Li-Battery: BL-5C)

Battery Number


Battery included or not




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