HT9600 HTI

It is used in medical,electronics,precision machinery.

This handheld dust quick detector is the special detecting instrument used to measure the value of PM2.5 (repairable particles) and PM10 (inhalable particle) in the air. It is a high-tech product developed independently and integrating gas dynamics, digital signal processing and optical-mechanical-electrical integration on the basis of absorbing oversea advanced high sensitivity micro laser sensor technology. The device is characterized by high test precision, stable performance, strong multiple functions and easy and convenient operation and can be used widely for determination of indoor and outdoor public environment and atmospheric environment, PM2.5 air quality detection and PM2.5 dust particle amount.


PM2.5 air quality detection: PM2.5 Pm10
Range: (0-1000ug/m3 )
Concentration unit: ug/cubic meter (ug/m3)
Detection sensitivity: 1ug
Measurement error: < ±20%
Three-channel dust particle counter: 0.3um 2.5um 10um
Flowrate: 1L/min
Concentration unit: piece/L
Sampling method: pumping  
Sampling principle: light scattering
Light source: laser diode
Detection method: manual
Automatic power-off function: it will power off automatically if there is no operation within 2 minutes at power-on state.
Environmental condition:
Application environment: temperature scope: 5℃ - 45℃ 
Humidity range: <90%RH)
Storage environment: temperature scope: -20℃ - 60℃
Humidity range: <90%RH)
Sampling time: 50s
Resolution ratio of sensor: 1ug/m3
Storage record: 1000 groups of data
Temperature measurement range: -40℃+125℃ Precision ±0.5℃
Humidity measurement range: 0-100%RH Precision ±2%RH
Screen size: 2.8in
Display screen: 2.8in 320*240 LCD color back light
Power supply: 7.4V Rechargeable lithium battery/1100mAh (the battery cannot be dismantled at will. ). 
Work time of the battery: the time for continuous test is longer than 3 hours.  
Display of remaining energy: three-grid battery electricity display (it needs to charge if one grid of electricity is left.

The charging should be made before the battery electricity displays red.
This will result in reducing service life and capacity of the battery).
The electricity is tested once at the time of power on.
External size: approx. 240*40*88mm
Weight: approx. 301g (battery included)

HT9600 HTI

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