Widely used in data collection for boiler, refrigeration industry, ventilation duct, environment monitor, navigation measurement, weather forecast, collection of the weather datum for outdoor busywork and fire department.
Display 0.5" (13 mm) 4-digit LCD
Measurement units Air Velocity: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots
Air Flow: CMM (m/min);CFM (ft/min)
Beaufort Scale: Force
Wave Height: m
Direction: from the North direction
Temp: C & F
Data hold Maximum Value
Data memorized 24 groups
Sampling rate reading per second approx
Sensors Air velocity/flow sensor: 3-cup probe
Direction probe: Low friction probe
Temperature sensor: 
Precision thermistor
Automatic Power off 0-9 minutes set by users
Data Output RS 232 C serial interface
Operating Temperature 14F to 140F (-10C to 60C)
Operating Humidity Max. 80% RH
Power Supply 4x1.5AAA size
Weight 260g (0.57lb) including batteries & probe
Dimensions Main instrument: 156x67x28mm (6.1x2.6x1.1")
Velocity sensor: 65x65x115mm 
Direction sensor: 86x69x115mm
Air Velocity Range Resolution Accuracy
m/s (meters per sec) 0.4-45.0 0.1 m/s (2%+0.1m/s)
km/h (kilo-meters/hour) 1.4-162.0 0.1 km/hr (2% +0.1km/hr)
ft/min (feet per minute) 80-8860 0.1 ft/min (2% + 1ft/min)
knots (nautical MPH) 0.8-88.0 0.1 knots (2% +0.1 nots)
Air Flow
CMM (cubic meters/min) 0-9999 0.001 to1 (2% +1m/min)
CFM (cubic ft/min) 0-9999 0.001 to1 (2% +1ft/min)
Beaufort Scale 0-12 0.1 0.5
Direction 0-360 22.5 22.5
Wave Height 0-14 0.1 0.1
Air Temperature 14 - 140F 0.1F 0.9F
-10-60C 0.1C 0.5C


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