AS866F Smart Sensor

Slender sensor suitable for small space measurement
Hot wire sensor applied in high precision speed measurement
Wind velocity / wind temperature / air flow measurement
Wind velocity / wind temperature / air flow unit conversion
Measurement of maximum and minimum wind velocity / air flow
Data holding, storing and deleting function
Low battery indicating function
Auto power off function (Power off automatically if no any operation for 5 Minutes )
Memory of 500 records
Backlight function
Connecting to PC by USB cable
Audio key pressing alert
Large LCD display
Wind handle can elongate
Application: environment measurement, air transport, air conditioning monitoring system and measurement. 

Wind Velocity 0-40 m/s
Wind Volume Range 0-999900m³/min
LCD display
Read record data / Clear log data
Temperature Range 0-50C ( 32F to 122F)
Humidity Range <80%
Probe Conditions: -40C to 60C -40F to 140F)
Recording data / reset
Maximum / minimum / input area key
Data hold / clear key
Wide volume / speed conversion key
PC Temperature / wind volume unit conversion key
Connecting wire
USB interface: insert one end of the connecting cable to this interface, another to the available USB port of the computer
An external power socket

AS866F Smart Sensor

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