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AS8902 Smart Sensor

Combustible Gas Leak Detector

This Smart Sensor AS8902 Combustible Gas Detector monitors and pinpoints all sorts of combustible gases including but not limited to methane, ethanol, ammonia, propane, butane, hydrogen, and more.

Aside from its great looks, it is compact and light enough to be attached to your belt strap and to have with you on the go. It's also a great device for testing appliances in commercial, residential, and industrial applications, surveying gas pipelines, as well as inspecting valves, regulators, and meters on gas equipment.

The Smart Sensor AS8902 Combustible Gas Leak Detector is a very easy to use and handy monitor to own. Its large LCD display is clear and very simple to understand. Additionally, in dark conditions, you can turn on the bright green backlight with a simple click of a button.

After initial setup where you select the the maximum levels for the alarm and vibration to alert, you’re ready to go. The electrochemical sensors inside this meter is factory calibrated. In the presence of combustible gases, the alarm is loud, the meter vibrates, and the LCD display flashes making sure you’re notified of the dangers surrounding you.

When you turn this combustible gas indicator on, the sensors take 18 seconds to warm up and load before being ready for direct use. It has a general response and recovery time of between 2-10 seconds making this a definite contender for the top combustible gas meter for professional and industrial use.




Product Size


Product Weight


Power Supply

3.7v Internal battery 

Measuring Range

0 to 100% LEL


+/- 1%


Electrochemical Sensor


 Acoustic Sound alarm up to 80 dB with vibrator; cover distance up to 20m in open area

Area of Use

underground coal mine


coking petrochemical

municipal gas environmental monitoring tunnel operation


AS8902 Smart Sensor

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