AZ8685A AZ Instruments


1. Food acid and alkali testing: beverages, juices (solid should be made into diluted liquid state before measuring)
2. Acid and alkali measurements for industrial use: Determination of process water and chemical agents
3. Environmental / water quality acid-base detection: agronomy, gardening, aquarium, swimming pool, SPA, hot spring.
4, home cleaning products acid and alkali detection: edible water, make-up water, bath water
5, fish growth water quality test, can also be used for swimming pool and other water related things.After using any PH pen for 2 weeks, it must be calibrated.
Features: Large LCD dual display; IP65 waterproof; PH / temperature dual display; Stability indicator; Single key automatic 3-point calibration; Adjustable calibration value; idle 20 minutes automatic shutdown; Release in sleep mode; Data locking function; Battery power shortage indicator; Optional temperature unit; Sensor protection cap can be maintained. The sensor is durable; designed for low ionic strength water measurement.
Color: orange
material: plastic
PH range: 0 ~ 14
PH accuracy: +/-0.2
PH resolution: 0.1
Temperature range 0 ~ 60 ℃
Temperature accuracy: +/-1 ℃
Temperature resolution: 0.5
Automatic temperature compensation: Yes.
LCD size:30 (H) x18 (W) mm
Operating temperature range: 0 ~ 50 ℃
Operating humidity range: Less than 80%RH
Storage temperature range: -10 ~ 50 ℃
Storage humidity range: Less than 90%RH

AZ8685A AZ Instruments

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