Benetech GM620

Technical Specifications:

Wood Moisture Meter BENETECH GM620

Measuring Range:2~40%/50%/60%/70%
*Temperature Range:-10~60℃
*Humidity Range:20%RH~90%RH
*Moisture Response Speed:<1s
*Measuring Error:±1%
*Power:2*1.5V AAA Battery

Adjustable for 4 tree species.
Reading lockable.
Auto temperature compensation for environment varying.
Maximum moisture reading review.
Backlight on/off switch.
Applying CPU technology for accurate measuring.
2 pcs of AAA battery for power supply with battery icon for indication of power.
Large LCD.
Automatic turn-off if there is no further operation within 120 seconds while manual turn-off can be performed.
Able to measure the environmental humidity and temperature.
Compact and fine design with solid and light plastic material, Portable and easy operation.

Benetech GM620

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