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Bushnell 101911

The Bushnell Velocity Sports Radar Gun makes it easy to measure the speed of a car, a baseball, or pretty much anything that moves. This speed radar gun by Bushnell uses the best digital technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to provide accurate real time measurement, accurate to A± 1.0 MPH/ or A± 2.0 KPH. Bushnell Velocity Speed Sport Radar Gun is more simplified then other radar guns, yet extremely effective and features easy point and shoot operation. The Bushnell Velocity Sport Speed Radar gun can track the speed of a ball from 100 feet, making it the ideal tool for tracking everything from race cars to pitching speed, all at a low price!

Specifications for Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun:

Size(in/mm):4.3 x 8.4 x 6 / 109 x 213 x 152
Baseball radar gun/Softball/Tennis:10-110 mph (90 feet away)/ 16-177 kph (27 meters away)
Auto Racing:10-200 mph (1500+ feet away)/ 16-322 kph (457 meters away)

Features of Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun:

  • Easy to use - Bushnell point-and-shoot pistol grip
  • Large, clear LCD police radar gun display
  • Supports both MPH and KPH speed modes
  • Displays fastest speed once trigger is released
  • RF Radar with ±1 mph/ ±2 kph accuracy


1.Turn the Velocity “ON” by pressing the button underneath the LCD display.

2. Aim the Velocity at the target and depress the TRIGGER. As a quick reference to accuracy, remember to keep your target’s direction of travel in a direct line with you and not perpendicular to you.

3. Turn the Velocity “OFF” by pressing the button underneath the LCD Display for 3 seconds or until display shuts off.



The Velocity contains an automatic battery saving shut-off feature. After 10 minutes of non-use, the Bushnell Velocity will automatically shut off. If a battery symbol appears on the lower right hand corner of the display, the battery voltage is beginning to deteriorate, meaning new batteries should be inserted. Remove batteries if storing long-term.


To change the display readout from MPH (miles per hour) to KPH (kilometers per hour), the Velocity should be powered on first. While holding down the TRIGGER, press the power button underneath the LCD display. To switch back to MPH, repeat this procedure.


A target can be anything that is moving faster than 10 MPH (16 KPH). To acquire the speed of a target, with the Velocity powered on, aim the Velocity at the target and depress the TRIGGER. A radar icon ” “ will appear in the upper right corner of the LCD display. This indicates the Doppler Radar is functioning. The radar will continue to be active searching for speed until the trigger is released. Upon release of the trigger, the fastest speed captured within that series will automatically be displayed. The speed of the target will appear on the LCD display in MPH. There are certain mathematical properties of Doppler Radar that affect the accuracy of your Bushnell Velocity. Please read “COSINE AFFECT ON TARGET VELOCITY” below. As a quick reference to accuracy, remember to keep your targets direction of travel in a direct line with you, and not perpendicular.


The Velocity will measure the relative speed of a target as it approaches the Velocity. If the target is in a direct line (collision course) with the Velocity the measured speed will be exact. As the angle of incidence increases, if you move either right or left of this direct line, the accuracy will decrease. The measured speed will decrease as you move off this centerline. This phenomenon is called the Cosine Effect. It is called this because the measured speed is directly related to the cosine of the angle between the Velocity and the target’s direction of travel.

Bushnell 101911

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