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FC-6S Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit

FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Kit with FC-6S Fiber Cleaver and Optical Power Meter 5MW Visual Fault Locator machine Wire stripper CFS-2

Product Attributes

13 In 1 Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit with FC-6S Fiber Cleaver and Optical Power Meter 5Mw Visual Fault Locator


1 x Optical Power Meter and  5mW Visual Fault Locator

1 x   Rail strip            

1 x Fiber Cleaver FC-6S

1 x CLAUSS Fiber Optic Stripper/Model: CFS-2

1 x Fiber Optic Stripping Tool

1 x Black Carry Bag

1 x SC/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor

1 x Wire Stripper

1 x Cut Wire Stripper

1X alcohol bottles



  SGV305 series of portable optical power meter is a kind of accurate and durable portable instrument for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber network specially designed..

Product has a compact shape, can choose to switch backlight display and automatic shutdown function, optical power ultra wide test range, precision testing accuracy to generic interface and design. At the same time, linear index (MW) and nonlinear indexes (DBM) and wavelength selection screen display.

This instrument features complete, easy to use, easy to carry, is each fiber optic technology and construction personnel must be equipped with the maintenance tools.


LCD shows the measured optical power, dBm, mW, uW, nW,, dB, 850nm, 980 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm,1625nm etc.


Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Model Number:SGV305

Available wavelength:800-1700nm

Sensing Fiber: InGaAs

VD708B Measurement Range: -70~+3dBm

Uncertainty: ±5%

Standard Wavelength: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm

Power supply: 1.5v Battery2

Resolution: 0.01dB

Optical connector: interchangeable FC,SC/ST with built-in universal 2.5mm adaptor

Visual Fault Locator Output power: 5 mw

Central wavelength: 650nm

Duration: more than 48 hours

Operating temperature: -10 to 60

Storage temperature: -25 to 70

Weight: 400g

FC-6S Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit

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