HM-934-1+ is the latest development and design of digital indentation hardness tester.
It is mainly used in aluminum processing industry. Used for testing pure aluminum, soft aluminum alloy, thick aluminum alloy, aluminum forging and aluminum alloy products. Also, it can be used for glass steel industry.

* Wide test range, can test from very soft pure aluminum to a particularly hard aluminum alloy. effective test range equivalent to the Brinell Hardness of 25~150HB.
* HM-934-1+ Can be used for measuring Barcol Hardness, other hardness value can be calculated out by the experimental curve. Such as Brinell Hardness (HB), Vickers Hardness (HV), Webster Hardness (HW), Rockwell Hardness (HRB/HRE/HRF/HRH).
* With the maximum hold function, hold the maximum hardness value during measurement.
* HM-934-1+ has the function of calculating the average value, and the average value of the 29 sets of data are calculated at most.

Range: 0~100Hba,Amount to 25~135HBW
Resolution: 0.1HBa
Indication Error: 81~88Hba, ±1Hba; 42~48Hba, ±2Hba
Repeatability Error: 81~88Hba, ±1.5Hba; 42~48Hba, ±2.5Hba
Brinell Hardness: √
Vickers Hardness: √
Wenster Hardness: √
Rockwell hardness: √
Maximum Hold: √
Average Calculation: √
Operating Condition: Temperature:0~50ºC, Humidity:<80%RH
Power Supply: 2x1.5V AAA(UM-4)Battery(Battery not included in the package)


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