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DC Power Supply:


The Power Of The Instrument:

About 6W

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Pipeline detection newly designed for better experience Mitech MTH-7D DC spark leak detector


MTH-7D digital DC spark leak detector,based on the pulse of high pressure conduction through the principle of anti-corrosion layer,can quickly detect the crack leakage of the coating. Using,in view of the quality of the coating,in case of the pinhole,bubble and crackle ,the instrument will make a bright spark,accompanied by a warning tone,the operation is extremely simple,It’s powered by the unique design relies on the large capacity battery packs,can get rid of 220V power supply,applicable to engineering site operations.

Working principle

A certain pulse voltage is applied by applying a Anti-corrosive coating to the conductor, if the coating is too thin or there is some metal leakage body,leaky pinhole,pulse high voltage, it will break through the air gap to discharge spark,at the same time ,the alarm will receive the pulse signal,and send out sound and light alarm,and then achieve the purpose of coating detection.

Maintenance of the instrument

The operator should be familiar with the instrument's instruction manual,strictly in accordance with the operating rules of the instrument,pay attention to the protection of equipment,do not touch, fire roast or placed in corrosive gases and damp places.When the machine is not in use,turn off the power,to avoid the battery power consumption.More attention should be paid to the absolute prohibition of battery short circuit.



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