LEAPER-2 Taiwan

Handy Linear IC Tester


LEAPER-2 is a portable, small and light Linear IC Tester that provides auto detection function. Featured for quick search and easy-operating, LEAPER-2 is the best tool to test Linear ICs.

  • Easy-operating, particularly designed for the linear IC. 
    (OP, COMPARATORS, OPTO, REG., Special Function Device, Transistor Array) 
  • Small, portable, light and power-saving, usable with batteries.
  • Average test time: 0.8 second.
  • Equipped with empty-load test, and Auto Power Off function.
  • Auto identify the unknown ICs and list the P/N of the IC which has same function.

  • Display: 16 x 1 character LCD
  • Power: DC 9V/500mA
  • Tester voltage: 5V
  • Test Pins: 14 ~ 24Pin
  • Dimension: 16cm x 11cm x 4.5cm
  • Weight: 340g
  • Operating Altitude: up to 5000m
  • Operating Humidity: 90% (non-condensing)
  • Temperature: +5℃ ~ +45℃

Device Type
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Optocoupliers
  • Comparators
  • VOL Tage Regulators
  • N555 Series, Transistor Array

Device Supported

LM101 LM310 TL022 LF347 UA741 LM107
LM318 TL061 LF351 UA747 LM108 LM324
TL062 LF353 UA748 LM118 LM348 TL064
LF355 OP07 LM124 LM358 TL071 LF356
OP27 LM148 LM1458 TL072 LF357 OP37
LM158 LM2900 Tl074 LF411 OP42 LM201
LM2902 TL081 LF412 OP90 LM207 LM2904
TL082 ICL7611 OP97 LM208 LM3900 TL084
ICL7621 OP290 LM218 LMC660 TL094 ICL7641
Op490 LM224 CA358 MC3303 ICL7642 TLC252
LM248 CA3130 MC3403 AD648 TLC272 LM258
CA3140 MC3503 AD711 LP124 LM301 CA3160
MC34004 D712 LP324 LW307 CA3240 NE5532
LT1013 HA17324 LM308 CA3260 NE5534 LT1014
UPC451 RC4558 C4082

LM139 LM193 LM239 LM293 LM339 LM393
LM2901 LM2903 LM3302 LP239 LP339 LP2901
TLC339 TLC393

4N25 4N26 4N27 4N28 4N29 4N32
4N33 4N35 4N36 4N37 4N38 4N45
4N46 TIL111 TIL116 H11A1 H11B1 H11D1
H11D2 H11D3 H11D4 CNY75 MCT2 PC817
PC827 PC837 PC847 K827P K847P

UA7805...(LM2930-5.0,LM2931 - 5.0, LM2940CT - 5.0 )
UA7806...( need to use DC adaptor )
UA7905 LM217 LM317

NE555 NE556 TLC555 TLC556 4016 4066 LM723

LEAPER-2 Taiwan

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