The LP-2800 is a high quality logic probe for use with TTL, DTL and CMOS ICs.
The probe has a memory function which can detect the occurrence of single pulses or logic level. One shot and low repeat rate narrow pulses, which are nearly impossible to see even with a fast scope, are easily detectable and visible. The probe has three LEDs, red for high logic level, green for low logic level and yellow for pulse. The intensity of the pulse LED is directly proportional to the duty cycle of the signal observed. All single pulses or pulse trains are recognised from 30ns up to 500ms. 
The probe is supplied with approx. 500mm lead terminated in a red and black probe clip. In use, the red clip should be connected to the positive of the circuit under test, and the black to the negative. When making the connection, the yellow LED may blink once or twice, but if it continues to blink, the power supply has excessive ripple. 
With the switch in TTL position a +5V supply must be used, but in CMOS position voltage may be between +3V and +18V DC.

Testing TTL and CMOS 
      Displaying pulse presence and logic states
      Catching pulse to 30ns or pulse trains to 17MHz
      Input overvoltage protection
      Special function for LP-3500




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