HP900ER Hopi

HP-9800 Handheld Power Meter, LED Energy Saving Lamps Tester

HP-9800 is a handheld saving tester which has ability of testing the device via sustaining 20A current.
It can meet the IEC, ANSI and JIS industry standard.
It can long-time test, and stable performance.
Copy and analyze testing data via USB connecting.
This mainly used to test energy saving products’ information like power, power factor, total electricity consumption, total testing time and other project test.
Connect the computer via USB port, you can check testing information and copy them to your computer, and then you can analyze the information.

load current:display range:0.002A-20A
Power factors: 0.001-1.000
input voltage:85-265V
Power frequency:45Hz-65Hz
Power test range:0.5w-4400W
Annual power:0.5-9999W
Key button: adjust working hour,display mode
power supply socket: 20A output
power cable:input 85V-265V
model mark
back case
lock case
RS-485/USB Modbus port(optional)

HP900ER Hopi

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