Brand new design and model, unique white weather monitoring clock in the whole market, very high grade packaging, you deserve to have! Can you see that "SNOOZE" button at the top of this weather station? With this button, you can adjust the screen brightness or turn off the screen! This is a unique function of our weather station.It's for saving electricity and to avoid disturbing your sleeping at night (turning the screen down at night).

Prouct Parameter Indoor Weather Station Unit Display mode: LCD screen Power: DC5V/1A Indoor Unit Dimension: 134.3*91.3*24.2 mm Indoor Unit Weight: 163g Temperature Test Range: 0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉) Temperature Test Tolerance: ±2.0℃ Humidity Test Range: 20%~95% Humidity Test Tolerance: ±5%

Outdoor Unit Outdoor Unit Dimension: 88.5*23.8*42 mm Outdoor Unit Weight: 57g (including batteries) Outdoor Unit Power: AAA*2 Temperature Test Range: -20℃~50℃(-4℉~122℉) Temperature T Test Tolerance: ±2.0℃ Humidity Test Range: 20%~95% Humidity Test Tolerance:±5% Transmission Frequency: 2.4 GRF Transmission Distance: 50 meters(open area) Sleep Current: <30uA Test Period: 1 minute

Warnings 1. Indoor Weather Station Unit is only for indoor use. 2. Avoid the product under the burning sun. 3.Do not put the products in heavy stress, strenuous vibration, high temperature, moist environment or immerse into water. 4.Especially the outdoor unit should be placed in the place where the rain can not reach.

Package Contents 1*Weather Station (Indoor Unit/Receiver) 1*Outdoor Unit/Transmitter 1*User Manual 1*Micro USB Cable 1*AC adaptor 2*AAA Battery 1*Screwdriver

Waterproof outdoor sensor, powerful data detection and transmission capabilities!

  • There are 2 AAA batteries in the package. After the battery is installed, use the tool (in the package) to fix the back cover with screws.
  • Please install it in the correct upward direction.
  • Although it is waterproof, if it is exposed to rain for a long time, it will affect its service life.
  • According to our actual testing, its 2.4g wireless transmission signal.can reach more than 100 meters in the open distance.

    High-end colorful LCD display screen with adjustable brightness!

    • In normal mode, press the "SNOOZE" button to adjust the screen brightness of this weather forecast clock. In the daytime, adjust to the brightest; dim in the night, it will not affect sleeping.
    • In normal mode, press the “UP” button directly to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit!
    • In normal mode, press the "DOWN" button once or twice to view the MAX and MIN temperature and humidity inside and outside the day. It disappears after three seconds of display.
    • In normal mode, press the "ALARM" button to turn the alarm clock on or off directly, very convenient.


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