WP6910 PM 1.0


Test item: HCHO, TVOC, PM1/2.5/10 

HCHO test range: 0-1.999mg/m3
PM1/2.5/10 test range: 0~999μg/ m3
TVOC test range: 0~9.999 mg/m3
Display mode: LED
Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery/ 1200mAh
Input: 5.0V/300mA
Weight: 185g
Dimension: 150*70.8*43.6mm
New laser technology testing
One key for calibration, one key for unit switch, one key for alarm and mute
Mysterious style, sutiable for car, office and other environments
Resolution: 0.001
High-Tech professional air detector for accurate aerial detection


Display : LED 

Power: Lithium polymer battery 

Working environment 

Atmospheric pressure : 86Kpa-106Kpa 

Detection rang : 1200mAh 

Relative humidity : 20,-85% 

Input : 5.0V/300mA Charging temperature : -10°C-45°C Dimension : 

Detection temperature : -10°C-45°C 

Storage temperature : -20°C-50°C 

HCHO detection PM1/ PM2.5/PM10 detection Detection object : HCHO I Detection method : scattering user Detection range : 0.000-1.999,/, Particles detection 1pm,2.5pm,10prn 

Collecting air sample time : 3 seconds Measuring particle quality : PM1/2.5/10 Detection technology : lensect,r,V3V82;,,,, Collecting air sample time : 3 seconds Sample standard : Air sample collection Detection method : density/L 

Density unit : mg/m; Detection raw 0-999pg/ in 3 Operation temperature : -10°C-45°C 

WP6910 PM 1.0

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