WP6912 PM2.5 Tester

An ideal multi-function testing tool to monitor the air quality, a safeguard for family health If you worried about the air quality around you or your children. If exceed standard, prompt alarm and interface color changed!


Major functions: accurate detects Formaldehyde(HCHO), TVOC(including benzene), and fine particulate dust matter measuring (PM2.5), real time testing record and analyzed,hazard level with Time Display!


Easy to operate with simple system settings through 3 function buttons.Large LCD screen intelligently display the testing results, English interface easy and clear to read! Affordable and portable to monitor air quality, micro USB and power adapter for charging!


Do Calibration well on initial use, otherwise, data may be inaccurate. Easy to calibrate with 3 steps for sensor calibration: take it to outdoors in fresh air environment, select Sensor Calibration and Calibrate, wait for it to be automatically calibrated(5min). Then it's ready for accurate detection. A user guide will send by email! Pls refer to USER GUIDE/MANUAL or feel free to contact us for any problem of detector!


Suitable to use at: Home(Kitchen, Bedroom and etc.), Office, Car, Travel, Camping and Paety, etc.. Test the Air Quality anytime anywhere to be away from harmful of PM2.5,HCHO, Haze and So On.


Test item: HCHO, TVOC,PM2.5 

Test range: 0-1.999mg/m3(HCHO), 0-9.9999mg/m3(TVOC) 

Testing time: 5-7 minutes 

Dimension: 150*70.8*43.6mm 

Power supply: lithium battery  

Input: 5.0V/300mA  

Weight: 188g 

Battery capacity: 1200mA 

Display mode: LCD display 


WP6912 PM2.5 Tester

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