AR816+ Smart Sensor


Digital anemometer in measure wind speed as the basic function, increase the calculation, measuring temperature and relative air temperature with a combination of a variety of functions such as series of instrumentation. This is a kind of portable, has the low speed, multifunctional intellectualized measurement in the basic instruments, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, environmental protection, energy conservation monitoring, meteorology, agriculture, refrigerating, drying, labor health survey, clean workshop, chemical fiber and textile, various aspects of wind laboratory wide range of purposes.


Wind speed measurement range 0 ~ 30m / s

Air temperature range -10 DegC ~ 45 DegC

DegC/ DegF temperature unit conversion

Temperature measurement error +/-2 %

Wind speed measurement error +/- 5%

Auto / manual shutdown

Low-power display

Backlit display

The largest / smallest wind speed measurements

At present the average wind speed and wind speed measurements

Resolution 0.1m / s 0.2 %

Wind speed measurement units M / s, Ft / min, Knots, Km / hr, Mph

CR2032 3.0v power supply

AR816+ Smart Sensor

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