Identify the type and pinout of almost any discrete semiconductor
Just connect your component any way round and press the test button. The Atlas DCA will then present you with detailed component information in concise, easy to read, scrollable pages. The displayed information will include: the component type, special component features, component pinout, and measured parameters (such as gain, leakage current, gate threshold voltages, volt drops etc...). No more searching through data books and catalogues in order to identify components and pinouts


  • Connect your component any way round.
  • Automatic part type identification (not the part number).
  • Automatic full pinout identification (only gate of JFETs is identified).
  • Important parameter measurements including:
  • Current gain measurement (hFE) of BJTs.
  • Base-Emitter voltage drops (Vbe) of BJTs.
  • Leakage current of BJTs.
  • Gate threshold (Vgs) of Enhancement mode MOSFETs.
  • Voltage drops (Vf) of PN junctions, diodes, LEDs etc.
  • Distinguishes between germanium and silicon BJTs.
  • Long battery life (alkaline battery included).
  • Includes high quality gold plated hook probes.
  • Includes detailed illustrated user guide.
Components Supported
  • NPN/PNP Transistors (BJTs) and Darlingtons.
  • Digital transistors.
  • Enhancement mode MOSFETs.
  • Depletion mode MOSFETs (Vgs not measured).
  • JFETs (only gate identified).
  • Sensitive triacs and thyristors (<5mA trig and hold).
  • Diodes.
  • Diode networks.
  • LEDs.
  • Bi-Colour LEDs (2 and 3 lead types).


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