DP29-60 Landtek

DP29 is a multifunctional, portable dew point humidity meter , especially designed for field use.
Typically apply to dew point measurement of SF6gas.
Based on the principle of chilled mirror.
* Accurate measurement is guaranteed.
* The system is stable, No need to repeatedly calibrated.
* A built in electronic sample gas flow monitor.
* Use RS-232 data output to connect with PC.

l DP29-40 is specifically designed for air dew point measurement. It is applicable to standard reference for electronic component durability , dew point control for firing furnaces, dew point control for fuel cell test system, etc.
l DP29-SF6 is specially for the measurement of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6).
l DP29-60 is a standard type. It applies to standard reference for laboratory calibration, moisture control for ceramic firing furnaces,humidity control for thermo-hygrostat chamber.
l DP29-70 is a high-end type. It is suitable for moisture control of drying process, production process fo lithium ion battery ,measurement of gas with low dew point.

Under 0°C:-60°C
Under 10°C:-60°C
Under 20°C:-55°C
Under 35°C :-45°C
Default Output :USB
Optional Output:±10mv/°C (0°C= 0mv) or 4-20mA
Measurement Principle:Chilled Mirror
Refrigeration:Semiconductor Refrigeration
Inlet Flow :15~60L/h, Generally 30~40L/h
Inlet Pressure:10mbar~10bar (1kpa~1Mpa)
Response Time :2°C/Second (Maximum)
Pump :Optional Accessory
Mirror Check:Press the Mode Conversion Key to mirror check mode (‘CH’ on the display), and check manually
Instrument Check:Press the Test Cooling Key, open the measurement probe, and check manually at mirror check mode.
Consumption:About 160 Watts
Humidity:<90% , No Condensation
Weight: About 7.22kg
Dimension :342(W)x140(H)x326(D) mm
Standard Accessories:
1. Main Unit
2. Inlet Tube (FEP,3m), With Connector
3. Instruction Manual
4. Packaging Box
Optional Accessories:
1. USB, RS-232 data cable with software

DP29-60 Landtek

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