GM63A Benetech

GM63A Vibration Meter Introduction
This product adopts piezoelectric effect of artificial polarized ceramic for design. It is suitable for monitoring all kinds of vibrating mechanical facility, specially the vibration measurement of rotating and reciprocating machinery. The unit can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement, which is widely used in mechanical manufacture, electric power metallurgy and general aviation etc.

GM63A Vibration Meter Features
•  Simple to use, the structure is compact, portable for carrying along with measurement.
• Visually display measurement value and state.
• Acceleration, velocity and displacement measurement.
• Different vibration frequency selection.
• High sensitivity probe for accurate measurement Provides long and short probe head ,each one is suitable for different situation measurement.
• Equipped with AC signal output interface.
• Low power indication.
• Auto power-off.
• LCD backlight.

GM63A Vibration Meter Specifications

Technical parameter
Technical specification
Vibration pickup
Piezoelectric ceramic accelerometer (shear-type)
Measurement range of acceleration
0.1~199.9m/s2 peak
Measurement range of velocity
0.1~199.9mm/s rms
Measurement range of displacement
0.001~1.999mm p-p
Velocity and displacement range is limited by acceleration199.9m/s2
Measurement accuracy
Measurement frequency range of acceleration
10Hz ~ 1KHz (LO) 1KHz ~ 15KHz (HI)
Measurement frequency range of velocity
10Hz ~ 1KHz (LO)
Measurement frequency range of displacement
10Hz ~ 1KHz (LO)
Displays update cycle
1 second
LCD display
3 1/2 digits display
Single output
AC output 2 V peak (display full scale)
Load impedance 10KΩ or more earphones can be connected
Power supply
9V Alkaline battery
Static current
Operating current
Battery life
20 hours continuous use
Auto power-off
Turns off automatically in 60 seconds
LCD backlight
7 seconds
Operating temperature range
Operating humidity range
Low battery indication
182g ( including battery)

GM63A Benetech

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