* Measure the moisture content of the measured object by measuring the conductivity between the two styli. 
* There are two display modes, that is, the digital display on the LCD and LED LED status indication. 
* Achieve the statistical function of the instrument by measuring the mean, maximum and minimum values. 
* Can store 240 sets of data. 
* Communicate with PC using "USB data line output" and "RS-232 data line output". 
* Provides Bluetooth Bluetooth data output selection.

sensor typeNeedle type
Induction type
Measure the code1 0 species
LED indicatorGreen light, indicating safe water status
Yellow light, indicating the critical moisture state
Red light, that wet moisture state
Measuring rangeMoisture0 ~ 8 0%
monitorLCD Monitor
AccuracyMoisture± ( 0.5 % n + 0.5 )
working environmenttemperature0 ~ 50ºC
humidity<90 % RH
power supply4 batteries on the 7th
sizeHost150 * 65 * 30 mm
Split stylus192 * 44 * 44 mm
Weight (without battery)324 g
Standard configurationSplit needle P28
Optional accessoriesMeasuring hammer

Material name
North American fir, Ceylon Rare Naphtha, Dragon Brain, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus, Euphorbia, Euphorbia, Brown, Pine trees, white pine trees, European redwood trees, American red rubber trees, dotted rubber trees, European ash trees, white birch, balsa wood, boxwood, African cedar, cedar, maple , Black and white wood, Indian rosewood, American oak, European oak, Japanese oak, Simon wood, mahogany (ebony, sandalwood, etc.), sandalwood, Australian rose wood, cappuccino, American walnut, Leaf maple, summer oak, bamboo and products
Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus, Larix olgensis, Aloe arborescens, Larix olgensis, North American Sequoia, Indiana, Trametes Podocarpus, Douglas Fir, Coastal Pine, Southern Rubber Tree, California Redwood, American Ash, Western Mahogany , Light brown Queensland maple, new Guinea walnut, New Zealand white pine, giant plate wood, red sun, double
Redflower eucalyptus, Australian eucalyptus, African silver birch, Australian silver birch, its tree, Nigeria two core hematoxylin, European walnut, Queensland walnut, oak, lattice, white wood, European fir grass, silver birch, North America Joe Cedar, North American larch, European larch, Japanese larch, spruce Podocarpus, European black pine, Corsican black pine, long pine, yellow pine, red cedar, yellow pine, American long lobelia, , Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Pine, European spruce, European yew, European fir, spruce, hemlock, hemlock, yew,
New Zealand Kauri, New Zealand Cedar, Binjiadumu, Turkey oak, African neem, bitter, turtle oak, American elm, British elm, wide fruit long order elm, white elm, Myanmar, lemon, Podocarpus, New Zealand Rohan loose
Sapphire, Pineapple, Prickly Mangrove, Prickly Mangrove, Small fig Tree, American West Larch, Western Larch, Rosewood, African Rosewood, Teak, Broken Wood, Walnut,
West African Red Bean Tree, African Red Bean Tree, Persimmon, Persian Persian, Indian Rosewood, Basswood, Corner Wood, Pillar Wood, Dragon Wood, Cork
Brazilian Hu Tong, humped nebula, white hump neb
Tall fir, Queensland Kauri, Queensland Cedar, African Mahogany, African Walnut, Pruning, Croton, European Sweet Cherry, Cherry, Small Pecan Pecan, Black Hump, European Birch, Cedar,
Paper, cardboard class
Buildings, walls, concrete


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