Scanse Sweep


The Scanse Sweep is a scanning LIDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360-degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price. With a built-in LIDAR-Lite, the Sweep possesses scanning capabilities that allow you to adjust the rotation speed on the fly so you can slow it down for more detail, or speed it up for faster reaction times! With a range of 40 meters, a sample rate of 1,000 samples/sec, the Scanse Sweep is a perfect sensor for Robotics, UAVs, site surveying, and Internet of Things (IoT)/security applications.
The Sweep is a single-plane scanner. This means that as its head rotates counterclockwise, it records data in a single plane. The beam starts out at approximately 12.7mm in diameter and expands by approximately 0.5 degrees. Sweep can be connected to low-level microcontrollers directly using its serial port, or to a PC using the provided USB-to-serial converter. It even has two serial port connectors with identical signals, which allows for more mounting options.

Range: 40m
Resolution: 1cm
Sample Rate: Up to 1075Hz (500Hz default)
Field of View: 360°
Rotation Frequency: 1–10Hz (Adj.)
Interface: 3.3V (5V tolerant) UART TTL
Power: 5V @ 450mA to 650ma
USB Plug and Play
Weight: 120 grams
65mm x 61.9mm

Scanse Sweep

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