Sofi SP8-F Programmer

Product description:

SOFI SP8 series is professional programmers specially for programming serial FLASH/EEPROM/SPI memories, with built-in 32-bit high-speed processors and USB2.0 communication interfaces. It supports high-speed programming of nearly all 24/25/93/BR90 chips. In the number of supportive serial memories and the writing speed, it greatly exceeds most general and similar special programmers that cost over 1000 RMB. It has a unique function of ISP online programming and supports more chips with continuous software upgrade. With exquisite shells made through professional mould opening and with advanced software/hardware design, SP8 series overtakes other similar products in both exterior and inner quality.

SP8 programmers have SP8-A, SP8-B and SP8-F three types. SP8 is special programmers with the highest speed for programming serial memories (Note 1), the most types of supportive devices (Note 2) 

SP8-F : In addition to the functions of the two types above, SP8-F has the function of offline programming. The built-in 128Mbit data memories can store programming files for the user. SP8-F can achieve different kinds of field programming without connection to computers. It operates easy and you can achieve mass programming. SP8-B and SP8-F are very suitable for mass programming of various serial memories in factories, and you can flexibly choose the types and the number of programmers as you need. Compared with expensive general programmers and one-to-multiple special ones, they are more convenient and flexible, and thus greatly reduce costs for labor and equipment purchase.

Package include:

·One SP8-F programmer 
·One USB cable
·One 10Pin ISP download cable (10-chip 10-color ribbon cable with 10 single DuPont heads at the output terminal)
·One driving CD
·One SOIC 8-16 SMD adapter (no soldering)
·One 5V power adapter (only for SP8-F, for offline programming)

Sofi SP8-F Programmer

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