Thandar Logic Pulser Taiwan

General Description

The Logic Pulser is an effective tool for the inspection and repair of logic circuity. It can be used to directely inject a signal into logic circuits without removing the IC or breaking the circuit. Using the logic probe as a monitor you can know not only if there is wiring error but also if a given component is malfunctioning. The principle by which it can inject a signal into a logic circuit without disturbing the components or disrupting the circuit is that it can produce a very large but very short transient current. Since the average power produced under these conditions is very small the injected signal will not harm any of the component circuitry. Further, the pulser takes advantage of the voltage produced by a current flowing through the inherent resistance of the circuit to produce the injected signal.
The TP2 Logic Pulser can produce a signal of 1000 mA/2 usec duty time. The signal fre-quency may be switched to either 0.5 Hz or 500 Hz. At the same time the TP2 can produce a 50% low digital signal at the "Lo" output terminal, which will be easier to observe when using an oscilloscope to trace circuits. The Logic Pulser also has a sync input point which can be used to produce an externally syncronized signal.

Max. Ratings

Units Maximum allowable supply voltage 25V
Guaranteed operating supply voltage range 3-18V
Max. output allowable connection voltage -50V
Max. sync input voltage ±120V
Free air operating temperature range 0-50°C
Storage temperature range 65—+150°C

Operating instruction
A. Setting up the instrument a. applying power to the instrument
(1) Set the repetition rate select switch to 0.5 pps position.
(2) Connect the black clip to GND (—)
(3) Connect the red clip to Vcc 1+1 be sure the Vcc is less than 25 volts. Vcc - 5V for TTL circuit. Vcc = 3-18V for CMOS circuit.
(4) Check the red LED. If it blinks with 0.5 pps Then Vcc is within the correct range. Please remove the clips, if the LED lights without blinking, as that indicates power supply is over 25V. If the LED does not light this Vcc polarity is reversed. Please reverse the clips quickly.
B. Setting the repetition rate switch:
(1) 0,5 pps position: The instrument generates pulses at 0.5 pps. At this rate it is easy to control the number of pulse' injected into a circuit, and observe the circuit state with a logic probe.
(2) 500 pps position: The instrument generates pulses at 500 pps. At this rate, the circuit waveform is easy to monita on an oscilloscope. C The output waveform:
1. Pulse output (at 0.5 pps rate) 2. Lo output (at 500 pps rate) 3 EXT-SYNC. signal vs. output signal EXT-SYNC input 

Thandar Logic Pulser Taiwan

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