Xeltek SuperPro 6100N

Xeltek SuperPro 6100N (so not 6100) universal programmer 100000 + Supported devices

SuperPro 6100N An economical, reliable and high-speed programmer for a universal chip. It is designed to communicate using a USB 2.0 port for development and can also work offline (without connecting to a PC) for production requirements. It has the largest software support count in the software industry, with 144 contact drivers for supporting high number of contact chips. 
Application and purpose of clients: Home programming, electronic repair, car repair shops, forensic and data recovery companies, medical devices, requirements for wider support of the device.

Advantages of SuperPro 6100N

Ultra-fast programming speed SuperPro 6100 is designed with high programming speed in mind. Our semiconductor manufacturers have approved algorithms; accuracy and pure signals ensure a high level of programming. Special design was made to eliminate the transfer and ground rebound. The algorithms are implemented with a state machine architecture built with FPGA in order to achieve ultra-high programming speed.
The largest support for devices located in Silicon Valley, we maintain good relationships with many large IC companies that are important for us to constantly support new devices. SuperPro 6100 currently supports over 100,000 devices, which are the largest device library in the software industry. The requested device algorithms can be added during the week - the average execution time from other manufacturers is more than two months.
Built-in 144 Pin driver most universal IC programmers are designed with a 48-pin driver or less. Programmers with 48-pin driver design need special adapters (pin mapping) to accommodate devices with more than 48 pins. Bottom boards required for contact mapping can quickly increase manufacturing costs only to support parcels. SuperPro 6100N is equipped with an integrated 144-pin driver for accommodating large devices, the number of contacts. One universal adapter holds all the devices in one package.
Offline mode unlike many other universal programmers in the industry, the SuperPro 6100N is able to work offline. In standalone mode, the SuperPro 6100 can be controlled by an inexperienced operator with minimal training. After selecting the project file, the operator must insert an empty chip and delete the programmed chip when giving a signal. This ensures a minimal chance that the operator will make a mistake. Using rs can also use clusters of stand-alone programmers to achieve high volume production. The last, but not the last, autonomous mode saves both the cost of a PC and the labor of an experienced and experienced operator.
A tester for logical devices and SRAMs in addition to a large library of devices, the SuperPro 6100 programmer is also designed for a test board for varioudevices integrated circuits, such as ttl, CMOS logical (74/4000 series) and SRAM memory devices.

Equipment and electrical specifications
Supported devices 
EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration Exhaust, Flash Memory (NOR), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Microcontroller, MCU 
Package Supported 
PC Communications Interface 
USB 2.0 
Stand-Alone Memory 
Compact Flash Card Adapter 
Power Supply AC 
Adapter: AC Input 100-240 V; Output: 12 V / 1.5A 
Main unit: 148 (D) x 216 (W) x 94 (H) mm 
Package: 301 (D) x 252 (W) x 145 (H) mm

Main unit: weight 3.5 lbs (1.6Kg) 
Package: weight 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg)

Extended Features
Use multiple units to create a parallel multiprogramming system. A unit of 1-15 units for flexible output. 
Auxiliary devices with Vcc from 1.2 V-5 V. 
Support for files up to 256 GB. 
Over current and overvoltage protection for the security of the chip and the programmer. 
Only IC manufacturer has approved programming algorithms used for high reliability. 
Vcc testing (at + 5% ~ -5% and + 10% ~ -10%) increases program reliability. 
Ac accessories: 
· Main unit with DIP48 adapter, AC adapter, USB2.0 cable, user manual, software, register card 
·Additional accessories: adapter in different packages, CF card for battery life.

Equipment :

 1 * Xeltek SuperPro 6100N programmer 
1 * AC adapter: AC input 100-240 V; Output: 12V / 1.5A 
1 * USB cable 
1 * CD software 
1 * PLCC44 to DIP44 Adaptador 
1 * PLCC32 to DIP32 Adaptador 
1 * TSOP48 adapter 
1 * SOP44-DIP44 1.27 mm (530mil) Adaptador 
1 * SOP16-DIP16 (300mil) Adaptador 
1 * SOP20-DIP20 (300mil) Adaptador 
1 * SOP28-DIP28 (300mil) Adaptador 
1 * TSSOP16-DIP16 (170mil) Adaptador 
1 * TSSOP20-DIP20 (170mil) Adaptador 
1 * TSSOP24-DIP24 (170mil) Adaptador 
1 * TSSOP28-DIP28 (170mil) Adaptador 
1 * SSOP20-DIP20 (220mil) Adaptador 
1 * SSOP28-DIP28 (220mil) Adaptador
1 * SSOP34-DIP34 (220mil) Adaptador 
1 * SOP8-DIP8 CNV-SOP20 ( 208mil) Adaptador 
1 * dual SOP8-DIP16 CNV-SOP20 (208mil ) Adaptador 
1 * SOP20-DIP20 CNV-SOP20 ( 208mil) Adaptador 
1 * SOP8- DIP8 CNV-SOP-DIP16 (150mil ) Adaptador 
1 * SOP16-DIP16 CNV-SOP- DIP16 (150mil) Adaptador 
1 * PLCC44-DIP44 
1 * PLCC44-DIP40 
1 * PLCC32-DIP32 
1 * PLCC28-DIP28 
1 * PLCC28-DIP24 
1 * PLCC20-DIP20 
1 * simple Adaptador SOP8-DIP8 
1 * QFN8 WSON8 simple Adaptador 
1 * SOP16 / 8-DIP8 REV4 simple Adaptador 
1 * MSOP8 / SSOP8 / SOP8 / SOP16 -DIP16 simple Adaptador 
1 * adapter board TSOP28Pin 0,65 mm 
1 * SOP28Pin adapter card 1.27 mm
1 * TSOP20Pin 0.65 mm 
adapter card 1 * 1.27 mm SOP20Pin adapter card 
1 * 0.65 mm TSOP16Pin adapter card 
1 * 1.27 mm SOP16Pin adapter card 
1 * 0.65 mm TSOP14Pin adapter card 
1 * SOP14Pin adapter card 1.27 mm 
1 * TSOP10Pin 0.65 mm 
adapter card 1 * SOP10Pin 1.27 mm 
adapter card 1 * TSOP8Pin 0.65 mm 
adapter card 1 * SOP8Pin 1.27 mm adapter card 
1 * Universal ISP-DuPont-Header 
1 adapter * Antistatic wrist strap wrist band ESD group discharge PC grounding electricity 
1 * LCD LED screen EDID code 
1 * SOP8 clamp Tests 
1 * IC Chip extraction tool




Xeltek SuperPro 6100N

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